If you’re over 50 years old and have a
weak memory, here’s some important news!

lipogenLipogen PS - “It’s the stuff brain cells are made with!” Who wouldn’t want to be able to think faster, to sharpen their memory skills, and concentrate like never before? Scientists and doctors have long known about the memoryboosting powers of PS (phosphatidylserine). Many clinical trials conducted on senior citizens show that PS can boost memory and rev up recall, improving the learning of new information, and elevating your mood. The news has been published in some of the most prestigious medical journals in the world, with articles and research on PS appearing in journals like Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Journal of Neurology, European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, Neurobiology of Aging, Clinical Trials Journal and prestigious Journal of Pharmacological Research.

Simply put, when older brains are nourished and brain cell building blocks are replenished with extra Phosphatidylserine and Phosphatidic Acid, In one study, subjects reduced their cognitive biological age 4 years! amazing things happen!

In fact, in these double-blind human clinical trials, phosphatidylserine was shown to actually slow, halt, and even reverse age-related memory decline!

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How would you like to ‘dial back’ your memory problems 4 years?

In one study, subjects reduced their cognitive biological age 4 years! amazing things happen!

That’s right! In this study below, researchers gave PS to 149 men and women suffering from age-associated memory impairment. After three months, an amazing thing happened. In test subjects, phosphatidylserine actually reversed memory problems by a full 4 years!

In 1992, Lipogen Ltd., in Israel became the first company to introduce soy lecithin PS. Lipogen PS Plus is made using a plant enzyme. Lipogen PS Plus is ‘clean’, 100% solvent-free with excellent oral bioavailability. ”

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PS + PA = Optimal Brain Power

Did you know that Lipogen PS Plus contains PS (phosphatidylserine) and a supporting phospholipid called PA (phosphatidic acid)? This combination of nutrients can help energize your mood and memory.

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US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says…
Since 2003, PS is the only natural health supplement with an FDA qualified health claim related to COGNITIVE FUNCTION*. The US Food and Drug Administration received Lipogen’s GRAS notice (Generally Recognized As Safe) and designated it as GRAS Notice No. GRN 000186**.

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Message From Lipogen President

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