ROSEMARIE KRUEGER - Lipogen PS Plus Testimonial Review

I just remember one time I came from the airport and I had to pick him up, I had him in the kennel. Then I went home. I was 5 minutes from home and I made a wrong turn and for 1 and ½ hours I was driving around not knowing where I was. I was not really forgetting but sort of, there was something wrong in my head I thought. The neurologist said “you don’t have Alzheimer’s, so don’t you worry about it.” But it wasn’t, it wasn’t right. I needed help.

I saw this advertisement for Lipogen in the paper that I normally get and I said “I’ll kind of try that.” It’s hardly noticeable but all of a sudden you feel better. I can’t say from one day to the next that it happens, but maybe in a week or so you know all of sudden, oh yes it’s better than before.

Since I’ve started using Lipogen I feel a little more confident in myself and what I’m doing and what comes out towards other people. I have fewer “senior moments”. I would tell people, and I do tell people, that Lipogen does help if you have a problem with your brain or with your mindset.

On a scale from 1 to 10 I was, I felt like I was only a 3 or 4 and now I think I might be an 8. I like Lipogen because it helped me so far to get my head in order!


PS + PA = Optimal Brain Power

Did you know that Lipogen PS Plus contains PS (phosphatidylserine) and a supporting phospholipid called PA (phosphatidic acid)? This combination of nutrients can help energize your mood and memory.

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US Food and Drug Administration Says..
The US Food and Drug Administration says Lipogen PS is safe for food fortification. PS is the ONLY natural health supplement that has a "qualified health claim for both - COGNITION and MEMORY"!

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Message From Lipogen President

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